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Hey No Problem We Know Not Everyone Likes Recurring Billing - So How About...
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Get All 25 Ready Made Bonuses Today With Nothing Else To Pay

We get it, not everyone likes rebills and 25 bonuses may be all you need...  So we'll waive the annual fee, take out the 2 new bonuses per month, but you can still get 25 ready to go bonuses today - For a reduced one time only purchase...

Here's A Quick Reminder Of What's Included:

$7.5K Cost To Replicate All This Development Yourself...
We'll Simply Skip The Monthly Added Bonuses And Waive The Annual Fee - No Rebills, No Recurring, No Problems...

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Percentage Of Users Who Buy This 2nd Offer:
Percentage Of Users Who Return To Original Offer (see FAQ):
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IMPORTANT:  If you're 100% certain this revised offer is NOT for you, then click the red button below to continue (the offer is not shown again & cannot be returned to)

Here's A Quick, Revised FAQ That May Help Too...

Is There Anything Else That I Need?

A: Nothing! We've done everything for you from product research, professional writing, editing, bonus 'sales' copy, graphic design - We'll even host all the downloads for you saving you more time and reducing your costs

Can I Use These On Multiple Promotions?
A: YES YOU CAN! These 'Done For You' bonuses can be used as many times as you like, as often as you'd like and on as many promotions as you choose. There are no royalties to pay and no maximum downloads limiting their use.

How Many Bonuses Do I Get?

A: You Get 25 Bonuses Right Now! But we won't add the extra 2 new bonuses each month - This reduces our costs and means we can pass on a small discount and waive the recurring fee.

Can I Get The Bonuses Myself?

A: YES YOU CAN! You'll have access to download each bonus so you can (and we recommend it) download and use the knowledge inside the bonuses too - There's some really great content that will help you in your business!

Does This Come With A Monthly/Annual Fee?

A: NO! Because you're an Early Adopter we've waived the $27/mo. fee and skipped the annual recurring.  You'll still save $227 and you can always subscribe for more next year if you decide to do that later.

Oops! - How Do I Go Back To The Original Offer?

A: If you'd rather pay a little extra now and get the 2 extra bonuses each month on top - Cool! We know it's easy to pass up on a great offer then maybe regret it later (we've done it too) - CLICK TO GO BACK AND GET IT

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