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ULTIMATESYSTEM This is a complete Affiliate Promotion System (Saas) to help you get the most out of your promotions across any affiliate network or platform you may be using.

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What is Commission Gorilla?

This is a complete Affiliate Promotion System (Saas) to help you get the most out of your promotions across any affiliate network or platform you may be using.

Quite simply the software (SaaS platform) automates, simplifies and improves upon many of our own affiliate marketing strategies that have generated $1M+ in commissions and prizes this past year and more than $10M in the last few years…

…  You could say it’s the ‘software for affiliates made by affiliates‘ but it goes deeper than that:  (A joint project between PromoteLabs & MediaKettle) Commission Gorilla has been in planning & development for 12 months and there’s NOTHING else on the market like it.  In fact we’d go so far as to say this is a ‘game changer’ for affiliate marketers of all experience levels because it offers the potential to double, triple or even quadruple commissions whilst minimizing workload and reducing their operating costs.

Why did we build this? Well, we built it for ourselves…  Based on our testing, tweaking and the data we gathered from sending 1,000,000 visitors to 200+ vendor sales pages in the past couple of years. We wanted a tool that would improve our conversions, save us time and further monetize promotions post sale.  And we figured if that was something we wanted it would be something the market would want to.  (based on the growing demands for us to ‘launch it now!’ it seems we were right) 🙂

Here’s a quick screen grab of the login area

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We have promotion page demos you can see as well. Whether your customers are a complete newbies with zero design skills or highly advanced experts such as our own design team that has over 15 years experience designing hundreds of sales pages, landing pages, bonus pages and more spanning tens of millions of dollars sold online, this software will be a joy to use and it’ll help you create stunningly beautiful bonus pages that convert! There will be easy to use templates to get started with so customers can be up and running as quickly as possible right from the start. They will also have full support from our team via tooltips, tooltour, videos and even live chat inside the member area.

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