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No worrying about any messy code. The Sales Page Bypass will transform your regular affiliate links into direct to cart sales links by scanning the vendor’s sales page and building the link for you.

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Eliminate Every Single Possible Page Leak

Now you’ll be able to sew up every possible tactic the vendor uses to try and build a list from your traffic.

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Tap Into JVZoo and Clickbank
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Two of the most prominent affiliate networks are at your disposal with a host of products just ripe with commissions.  

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Use The Backdoor Crazy Tactic We Use To Make More Money

One of the main reasons you aren’t making sales is because of trying to promote what everyone else is promoting.  This is especially true of product launches.  It’s like a million rats fighting over a grape!

With the Sales Page Bypass, you can sidestep all the launch ‘sheep’ and see an increase of 50-100% in conversions and sales using this top secret promotional strategy.

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